foreldede (EOL) komponenter

Bilde Delenummer produsenter Beskrivelse Utsikt
SC16C554DIB64,128 Image SC16C554DIB64,128 NXP USA Inc. IC UART QUAD 64LQFP Forespørsel
RKS-12-6-BK Image RKS-12-6-BK Essentra Components STRAP, HOOK & LOOP, BLACK Forespørsel
YR1B28K7CC Image YR1B28K7CC TE Connectivity Passive Product RES 28.7K OHM 1/4W 0.1% AXIAL Forespørsel
RSM18DSEI-S243 Sullins Connector Solutions CONN EDGE DUAL FMALE 36POS 0.156 Forespørsel
IR2520D IR Forespørsel
ANTMRX19 TI parts are in stock Forespørsel
S-954 Image S-954 3M SIZE REDUCING COMFORT PAD Forespørsel
DW-20-08-T-S-200 Samtec Inc. .025" BOARD SPACERS Forespørsel
0395377518 Molex, LLC TERM BLOCK PLUG 18POS 5.08MM Forespørsel
RC1210FR-0710R2L Image RC1210FR-0710R2L Yageo RES SMD 10.2 OHM 1% 1/2W 1210 Forespørsel
MS27508E20B16PLC Amphenol Aerospace Operations CONN HSG RCPT 16POS BOX MNT PINS Forespørsel
CW0101R600KE73 Image CW0101R600KE73 Vishay Dale RES 1.6 OHM 13W 10% AXIAL Forespørsel
SIT8208AI-81-33S-8.192000X SiTIME -40 TO 85C, 7050, 20PPM, 3.3V, 8 Forespørsel
84501-101LF Image 84501-101LF Amphenol FCI CONN ARRAY FEMALE 300POS SMD Forespørsel
SMAJ7.5CA-E3 VISHAY Forespørsel
M39003/01-2520/TR Vishay Sprague CAP TANT 1.5UF 10% 20V AXIAL Forespørsel
MC9S12GC32MFA FREESCALE Microcontrollers Forespørsel
H-702V-UV 3M 3M HARD HAT H-702V-UV, WITH Forespørsel
M9240241 VI001 Alpha Wire MULTI-PAIR 48COND 20AWG 1000' Forespørsel
72V84L15PAG Image 72V84L15PAG IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC FIFO ASYNCH 2048X18 56TSSOP Forespørsel
UKL1V150MDDANA Image UKL1V150MDDANA Nichicon CAP ALUM 15UF 20% 35V RADIAL Forespørsel
CPC5621A LITELINX original in stock Forespørsel
RT0402CRD073K24L Image RT0402CRD073K24L Yageo RES SMD 3.24K OHM 1/16W 0402 Forespørsel
DJT10E11-35JB TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors CONN RCPT 13POS FLANGE W/SKT Forespørsel
MCZ1210AD121T001 TDK in stock Forespørsel
SIT1602BI-32-25N-19.200000T Image SIT1602BI-32-25N-19.200000T SiTIME -40 TO 85C, 5032, 25PPM, 2.5V, 1 Forespørsel
H8442KBYA Image H8442KBYA TE Connectivity Passive Product RES 442K OHM 1/4W 0.1% AXIAL Forespørsel
RG3216N-47R5-C-T5 Image RG3216N-47R5-C-T5 Susumu RES SMD 47.5 OHM 0.25% 1/4W 1206 Forespørsel
SIT1602BI-33-30S-66.000000X Image SIT1602BI-33-30S-66.000000X SiTIME -40 TO 85C, 5032, 50PPM, 3.0V, 6 Forespørsel
1445772-8 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN RCPT CPC 16POS FREE SLDTAIL Forespørsel
LTM4611V LT Forespørsel
J1511CP18VDC CIT New and Original factory sealed Forespørsel
RNC55J1404FSBSL Image RNC55J1404FSBSL Vishay Dale RES 1.4M OHM 1/8W 1% AXIAL Forespørsel
APM004GM1AN-2T Apacer Memory America SSD 4GB MSATA SLC SATA III 3.3V Forespørsel
T38068-11-0 Curtis Industries CONN BARRIER STRP 11CIRC 0.375" Forespørsel
C1812C221MGGACTU Image C1812C221MGGACTU KEMET CAP CER 220PF 2KV C0G/NP0 1812 Forespørsel
OPT-155B1L1RA DELTA New and Original factory sealed Forespørsel
PIC16F1507-I/P Image PIC16F1507-I/P Microchip Technology IC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 20DIP Forespørsel
VEC2616-TL Forespørsel
EP3SE110F780C2N Image EP3SE110F780C2N Altera IC FPGA 488 I/O 780FBGA Forespørsel
89108-0001 Image 89108-0001 3M CONN 8 POS IDC SOCKET GOLD Forespørsel
GTS02R-20-2P Amphenol Industrial Operations CONN RCPT 1POS BOX MNT PIN Forespørsel
V300C8M100BF Vicor Corporation CONVERTER MOD DC/DC 8V 100W Forespørsel
0473005.MRT1 Image 0473005.MRT1 Littelfuse Inc. FUSE BRD MNT 5A 125VAC/VDC AXIAL Forespørsel
CRGH0603F16K2 Image CRGH0603F16K2 TE Connectivity Passive Product RES SMD 16.2K OHM 1% 1/5W 0603 Forespørsel
77313-427-34LF Image 77313-427-34LF Amphenol FCI BERGSTIK Forespørsel
336313-13-0050 Image 336313-13-0050 Amphenol RF Division SMA BULKHEAD JACK-AMC PLUG 50MM Forespørsel
45T-2232A3NL YDS in stock Forespørsel
622-025-660-012 EDAC Inc. CONN D-SUB RCPT 25POS R/A SOLDER Forespørsel
5449WWADBX386 APEM Inc. SWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 6A 125V Forespørsel
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